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Our cases


  • Task

    Redesign Belife internet shop, to embed new functions

  • Realization

    The segmented originally colored banner has appeared on the main page

    The product cards for the main page and the product catalog were refined

    The system of wholesale purchases were refined

    The system of discount cards and promo codes were embedded

    Usability of a mobile version was improved


  • Our customers, the online store of construction goods Bildi.com.ua, know the advantages of individual development, rather than a template solution.

    Now the trend is the customization and an individual approach. At MOOHII, we are confident that investment in the service and speed of your company is the best investment.

    The Bildi online store is built on the React.js library, which is exactly what you need for the speed of the client interface. There is a reason for the fact that this language is written and supported by the Facebook and Instagram team and is one of the most popular on the market today.

    However, in this project, there are still a lot of cool secret things, that allow it not only to work quickly but also be correctly indexed by search robots.

    We support quick solutions, like constructors with templates for simple sites to validate ideas.

    But if you have already reached a new level and you take your business seriously, then the best solution for your website is to contact MOOHII studio.

The website for “Ligaco”

Corporate website for the official importer of Eni Corporation oils and Gecco Lube brand manufacturer - Liga company.
  • Task

    Develop a corporate website where distributors can get comprehensive information on products imported and manufactured by the company. Any visitor can also find full information about available vacancies and see the dealer network map. The website should look modern and stylish, with quick and convenient navigation.

  • Realization

    We’ve developed totally individual website design, worked through all renders and made up the script for the animation on the main page. We’ve also developed the design for desktop, mobile and tablet versions and integrated all variants into the site administration system. We also realized the ability to add sections of companies’ brands with the opportunity to pick individual colors and logo in the section.

  • Result

    As a result of our work, the interaction of visitors with the new site has improved and, as a result, the conversion of applications has increased. Watch the result!


  • Vivaset is a project that our team has been conducting for more than 6 years. This project has become one of the largest stores in Russia selling high-quality electrical accessories as a result of our cooperation.


    To keep up with the times Moohii team together with Vivaset team is constantly introducing new possibilities that will help the buyer make purchases more conveniently.

    Now we will share some insider information. We are going to introduce AR viewing of switches in the user's interior in the nearest future.


    If you need to choose a suitable for the color and size outlet or switch it will be enough to visit the site from your phone and enter this mode.

    You can save the variants to think out them or consult with someone before buying.


    This idea is now at the testing stage that`s why the final version can be changed.

The website for “Arkmen”

The corporate presentational website for the products.
  • Task

    To develop the corporate website, that will show the full product range of the company. It has to make the “WOW” outcome for website visitors, including retail segment representatives, that helps product implementation to the shop shelves.

  • Realization

    We’ve developed totally individual website design, worked through all renders and made up the script for the animation on the main page. We’ve also developed the design for desktop, mobile and tablet versions and integrated all variants into the site administration system.

  • Result

    This project (including developed branding) helped the company to expand its sales network and enter the markets of neighboring countries quite quickly. Watch the result!

The website for company “Techehnergoprom”

Corporate site for LLC “Techehnergoprom” - one of the biggest player on and Ukrainian and foreign markets.
  • Task

    Develop corporate site giving visitors comprehensive information about products and services provided by the company. It also should acquaint visitors with the company itself, its awards and customers. The site must look expensive and modern and let visitors quickly and conveniently navigate in sections.

  • Realization

    Completely individual website design was developed by us. We also developed designs of all states, implemented a desktop and mobile tablet version, developed animation effects on the pages and integrated into the content management system.

  • Result

    As a result of our work more loyal clients were attracted and an average contract check increased. Watch the result!


  • Co-honey is a candy store, where eclairs are treated as a work of art. When this Eclair boutique reached us, we really enjoyed using their philosophy in branding.

    The Co-honey logo resembles the shape of an eclair. A true eclair is both sweet and salty, crispy and tender. 

    That's what we made the branding: simple and complex, vibrant and minimalistic. While looking at the patterns with delicious colors, you want to open the box and eat all of the eclairs to the last crumb.

    In addition to branding, the Moohii team also made a website with a user-friendly design and interface. A customer can see the eclair from all sides. It is also possible to add eclairs to the basket and pay immediately. Eventually, the website turned out to be as stylish, concise and enjoyable as possible.


  • Cezares is the internet-shop of branded Italian sanitary engineering. The whole project including the design and usability were developed.

    Technical support was being provided during a few month.

The website for the company “Active Planet”

The corporate website for the tour operator and organizer of training camps "Active Planet".
  • Task

    Develop a corporate website that will give visitors comprehensive information about services provided by the company, learn about offers and promotions. Also create an extensive database of sports facilities, hotels, medical centers, etc.
    The site must look expensive and modern and let visitors quickly and conveniently navigate in sections.

  • Realization

    Completely individual website design was developed by us. We also developed designs of all states, implemented a fully adaptive layout of the project and integrated into the content management system.
    The functionality of a large number of categories for various types of objects was implemented, the ability to combine these objects into tours and training camps, and much more.

  • Result

    As a result of our work, the interaction of visitors with the new site has improved and, as a result, the conversion of applications has increased. Watch the result!


  • Task

    Develop a selling site that will present the products of the confectionery in order to produce a “wow effect” on its visitors. Also add the ability to make an order, view the menu and the composition - for the convenience of guests.

  • Realization

    We have developed a completely individual website design, worked out all the necessary photos and renderings of products to create animations on the main page. The animation script itself was also developed, the designs of the desktop and mobile-tablet versions were worked out and integrated into the content management system.

Gecco lube

Gecco Lube is the official distributor of Italian industrial oils in Ukraine.
  • Task

    The client applied for the development of a website for products of different types of oils for machinery for the release of a new product on the Ukrainian market.

  • Realization

    Our team has created a site filled with information about the company that any user can easily find. Minimalistic design and user-friendliness emphasize the professionalism of the company.

  • Result

    The stylish and easy-to-use website helped the company conquer a new market much faster.


The group of companies "ISUZU ATAMAN UKRAINE" consists of three enterprises that are the manufacturer and distributor of the Japanese corporation ISUZU in Ukraine.
  • Task

    The customer turned to us for the design and development of a turnkey website, and then for the completion of the functionality.

  • Realization

    Our team has developed a user-friendly website with an individual design to get acquainted with the company and its offers.The main feature of the site is the automatic calculation of leasing with a calculator, a chassis, superstructure configurator and a body.

  • Result

    Improving the quality of the site and the introduction of additional features resulted in an increase in sales conversion.


The company specializes in the retail and wholesale of electrical products.
  • Task

    The client ordered the development of a monobrand website for the sale of his products.

  • Realization

    We have developed a website with convenient systems for searching, ordering and paying for products for users. And also a comfortable structure for updating products, communicating with customers and order registration.A special feature of the site has become a series configurator with the ability to select the right combination of elements, add the components of the product to the cart.

  • Result

    The site is actively used by customers due to the convenience of ordering and the quality of products.


MHP is known to all Ukrainians by the brands "Nasha Ryaba", "Baschinsky" and "Legko!", and our team has also developed packaging designs for a line of delicious ready-made dishes "Chef's Secrets".
  • Task

    Company turned to us for a website for a decarbonization technological innovation contest, the meaning of which is to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

  • Realization

    Our team has developed a website that simply and interestingly tells about the competition, as well as fully shows the company's values. For greater uniqueness, our head designer came up with thematic elements for the effect of futurism.

  • Result

    As a result, the customer received an original website, which attracted many participants to the competition. We managed to fill the interface with all the necessary information, while maintaining the consistency of the sequence.


The Milo brand specializes in the manufacturing of professional beauty products for hair.
  • Task

    Initially, the client came for product branding. Then our team developed the website and further improved it.

  • Realization

    We have focused on the site not only on beauty and professionalism, but also on the convenience of the client: the simplicity of online purchases, the clarity of using installments from a partner bank and the opportunity to learn in detail about online courses, master classes and immediately register.

  • Result

    The site perfectly displays the branding created by us due to minimalism and clarity of use.


A social network via a website for breeders, catteries and just cat lovers.
  • Task

    The customer turned to our team to create a social network through which people can share photos and videos of their pets for communication and even buying or selling them.

  • Realization

    We have gathered everything a beginner social network needs: communication with likes and comments, the ability to share and just watch photos and videos of other users. But a feature of the site has become convenience for buying and selling pets: organization of transportation, publication of certificates, a filter for individual selection.

  • Result

    The intuitive-to-use site has already gathered active users who use the social network daily and make purchases or sales.

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Anna Zavertailo Honey. Cafe-Confectionery.

Since the birth of our "Honey" we have been cooperating with Moohii.com. Then there was only an idea and an image that the guys brought to life. From the well-known logo to the design of limited eclairs, about 5 tasks have been completed in 5 years of collaboration. We are very happy about the easy work process, because we understand each other perfectly at all times. We are confident in the guys and convinced of the quality of the services provided.

Alexey Parkhomenko Arkmen. Best nut snacks!

AS PERFECT AS POSSIBLE - we set this goal when creating our product. Of course, the whole team understood that the slogan was not only about nuts. Therefore, we made a big emphasis on details when developing branding with Moohii.com. The guys proposed three concepts, and we already sat and sorted into shelves which one would be with us next. It was certainly not easy! We took into account the colors that we would like to bring to customers, what associations our product evokes, tried different options .. Since then 3 years have passed, and we have been cooperating to this day.

Julia and Darina Sister's Aroma

We have been thinking about choosing a design studio for our project for a very long time. Sister's Aroma. They chose Moohii.com - their team developed the brand from 0. They were tormented by doubts - the price seemed to us overpriced for such services. As a result, we worked well together, and the guys were very creative. Designers offered an unusual vision of our product, which can be seen on the packaging. We were satisfied with the result, and the risks at the selection stages were justified.) The design is really beautiful. Especially “Orgasm” is worth it!

Vladislav Kirichenko Sunfill. Innovative Superfood for the whole family.

Initially, a quick connection, then a detailed brief, cool rebranding, and the design of the boxes is a separate love
Heard our every word, it is very important, especially in such work, when there is some kind of vision.
Thanks a lot!

Maxim Radul Belife

Moohii.com company worked on our turnkey project. They did a full reboot after several years with the old logo. The guys all the same made an emphasis on construction, which certainly increased the arrival of customers. Everything that you see with us: the site, logo, design, branding - their work. We were very pleased. Therefore, we are still communicating.


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