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  • In 2019, the famous aperitif Aperol celebrated its 100th anniversary and launched a series of limited bottles featuring images of men and women.

    Based on this image, we created our own concept which, in our opinion, conveys the popularity of this drink a bit more. It seems that in any country and in any bar you can find an orange-red incredibly photogenic cocktail Aperol Spritz. And if there are parties in another galaxy, guys there definitely know about this cocktail :)

    Our slogan for this concept: “Everyone loves aperol, everyone drinks aperol, aperol is everywhere!”

Rum 3 foot Horse

  • Just imagine a moony night in Jamaica when a warm wind is blowing in your face and nobody is there except you. A night is time for spirits, it's when fears seize minds. The three foot horse, chasing people in a full moon shining, has appeared out of fears. Duppies that's how such spirits are called.

    Is there a better way to get rid of fears than to speak ironically about them? Thus, the scary beast turned into an anime horse, and its fiery breath doesn't burn anyone, but causes tender emotions.

Dear Rum

  • Dear Rum, I love you, thank you for being with me. Or the story of how our designer wrote a letter to rum.

    Rum is a strong alcoholic beverage with an interesting centuries-long history that immediately evokes associations with pirates and sea adventures.

    Rum played a decisive role in the development of colonial Australia at that time. And not only in Australia! Rum plays an important role in my life too.

    Among the hot and hard life of the colonists, rum appeared to be the means of getting rid of the anxiety, as a way of food-getting, and, finally, as a currency.

    Being inspired by the climate of Australia and the specifics of its fauna, we created a hot concept of rum. It is so hot that I burn myself every time I look at it.


    The contrast of orange and black in rum emphasizes its brutality and sustainability to incredible temperatures. The image of the scolopendra (even if it's a little frightening) perfectly embodies the idea of Australia. But I never get scared looking into the scolopendra's eyes. Rum inspires me and gives stamina.

Song Cider

Belarusian manufacturer of natural cider.
  • Task

    Show the eco-predisposition of the brand in an easy and clear way, using the shape of a nightingale (the symbol of the region, where the cider is produced).

  • Realization

    Nightingale - is a spread symbol among poets of different epochs, bearing a specific connotative color. 

    Homer introduces this image in the Odyssey, in the myth of Philomela and in Procnus, where the first or last, depending on the version of the myth, turns into nightingales. The label depicts a nightingale concept as a direct association with the name and song of the birds. The bird in the top hat is singing, birds with a trumpet play along with it, everywhere music is playing and a cheerful mood is.

    The color of the bird is selected in accordance with the filling of the background, but without the introduction of additional colors, as this can break the integrity of the appearance of the ruler.


  • Task

    Our mission was to come up with a series of forms of bottles for strong alcohol.

    The client is a manufacturer of glass

  • Realization

    The ideas of the section as a radiator were taken as the basis. This form is primarily functional - it will help to cool the drink faster by placing it in the freezer. And also it does not slip out of hand at the wrong time.





    The product itself is not for everyone. Not everyone likes vodka, not everyone drinks it.

    As part of the bottle shape concept, it is shown how a branded bottle will look.

    The  product “Khor" was selected as an example. “Khor” is a well-known, in our market, “Khortitsa” for the western market.

    We wanted to show how the label on this bottle design might look.

    The label is as concise as possible and most importantly does not hide the product. Its purity is visible, and the faces of the bottle only emphasize the refraction of light, creating the mystery of the liquid inside the vessel.

    The shape of the bottle was made with all process counts. The render shows two volumes - 0.5l and 0.7l.


    This is a concept, and the label’s protective functions against counterfeiting were not worked out, there was no purpose to show the name of the company in capital letters, the atmosphere of a fishing or feast where you can taste this product.

    It stays at the concept level - Not for all.

Shabo Reserve

A packaging design concept based on Shabo Reserve limited edition wines.
  • Task

    Create a wine packaging design for a premium line that will look expensive.

  • Realization

    We’d decided to step out of the classic and sever style. An unusual combination of the fonts we complemented with the minimalistic logo.
    As every wine has its’ own taste, we aimed to emphasize every type of it with its' own color. Every Shade goes together with the grape variety the particular wine is made of.

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Anna Zavertailo Honey. Cafe-Confectionery.

Since the birth of our "Honey" we have been cooperating with Moohii.com. Then there was only an idea and an image that the guys brought to life. From the well-known logo to the design of limited eclairs, about 5 tasks have been completed in 5 years of collaboration. We are very happy about the easy work process, because we understand each other perfectly at all times. We are confident in the guys and convinced of the quality of the services provided.

Alexey Parkhomenko Arkmen. Best nut snacks!

AS PERFECT AS POSSIBLE - we set this goal when creating our product. Of course, the whole team understood that the slogan was not only about nuts. Therefore, we made a big emphasis on details when developing branding with Moohii.com. The guys proposed three concepts, and we already sat and sorted into shelves which one would be with us next. It was certainly not easy! We took into account the colors that we would like to bring to customers, what associations our product evokes, tried different options .. Since then 3 years have passed, and we have been cooperating to this day.

Julia and Darina Sister's Aroma

We have been thinking about choosing a design studio for our project for a very long time. Sister's Aroma. They chose Moohii.com - their team developed the brand from 0. They were tormented by doubts - the price seemed to us overpriced for such services. As a result, we worked well together, and the guys were very creative. Designers offered an unusual vision of our product, which can be seen on the packaging. We were satisfied with the result, and the risks at the selection stages were justified.) The design is really beautiful. Especially “Orgasm” is worth it!

Vladislav Kirichenko Sunfill. Innovative Superfood for the whole family.

Initially, a quick connection, then a detailed brief, cool rebranding, and the design of the boxes is a separate love
Heard our every word, it is very important, especially in such work, when there is some kind of vision.
Thanks a lot!

Maxim Radul Belife

Moohii.com company worked on our turnkey project. They did a full reboot after several years with the old logo. The guys all the same made an emphasis on construction, which certainly increased the arrival of customers. Everything that you see with us: the site, logo, design, branding - their work. We were very pleased. Therefore, we are still communicating.


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