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Selfie Lab Young

  • We created a unique bright design, chose a straightforward, fairly rational, and informative style of communication, and combined it all together. Font logo is a classic welcome for a cosmetic company. It is easy to read and serves as a universal sign for both printing and Internet media. A vivid graphic pattern attracts attention and a desire to consider close. Based on this ideology, we have developed a holistic structured brand strategy.


    The main idea of ​​packaging design comes from the theme of monumental painting, murals. As a basis, we took the image of a young girl around whom a bright, complex, full of surprises world revolves. For each product, a separate picture is created in the corresponding design. Thus, the series will look beautiful on store shelves and it will be impossible to get through it.


    The main advantage of this design is the ability to work unlimitedly with this type of graphics. The multifaceted structure of illustrations allows you to freely add additional elements to the graphics, or remove those that may seem superfluous.

Belor Design

  • Belor Design is a well-known cosmetics manufacturer in Belarus, turned to us for a logo redesign.


    The main requirements:
    - it should look good on social networks;

    - be easy to apply;

    - maintain brand awareness.


    A small, at first glance, the difference in the logos is worth the tremendous work is done by the MOOHII team.


    We have thoroughly analyzed the target audience, the brand in general and the old identity.

    We did not use a standard font but developed a unique one. At the same time, we kept the format of the letter "e" from the past logo for brand recognition.


    The logo turned out to be minimalistic and at the same time well readable, modern and beautiful.


  • Miló is a new luxury cosmetics brand that has applied for branding and packaging design for the cosmetics line.⠀

    A line of hair care products is the first collaboration.⠀

    The minimalistic design was developed according to the strict technical requirements of the client to emphasize the premium product. ⠀

    We highlighted the letter ó in the logo, and also used it as a pattern in the packaging design. This schtick allowed us to highlight the product among competitors' goods and increase brand awareness.⠀

    Now our cooperation with Miló continues, and we will show our new projects soon.⠀


  • Piatto, a company producing high-quality gel polishes, asked us to create packaging for an elite bright line of gel polish emphasizing the environmental friendliness of the materials that make up their composition.


    Golden color was used in the logo to emphasize the corporate identity. Graphic elements with the image of Medinilla, which symbolizes youth, beauty, and health were also added.


  • Groomy - French skincare cosmetics for men. They ordered a packaging design for a shower gel with a bergamot flavor.⠀

    The target audience is creative men who know how to laugh at themselves and do not mind fool about for a while.⠀


    The illustrations are vivid and memorable.⠀

    Would you buy a shower gel in such a package?⠀


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Anna Zavertailo Honey. Cafe-Confectionery.

Since the birth of our "Honey" we have been cooperating with Moohii.com. Then there was only an idea and an image that the guys brought to life. From the well-known logo to the design of limited eclairs, about 5 tasks have been completed in 5 years of collaboration. We are very happy about the easy work process, because we understand each other perfectly at all times. We are confident in the guys and convinced of the quality of the services provided.

Alexey Parkhomenko Arkmen. Best nut snacks!

AS PERFECT AS POSSIBLE - we set this goal when creating our product. Of course, the whole team understood that the slogan was not only about nuts. Therefore, we made a big emphasis on details when developing branding with Moohii.com. The guys proposed three concepts, and we already sat and sorted into shelves which one would be with us next. It was certainly not easy! We took into account the colors that we would like to bring to customers, what associations our product evokes, tried different options .. Since then 3 years have passed, and we have been cooperating to this day.

Julia and Darina Sister's Aroma

We have been thinking about choosing a design studio for our project for a very long time. Sister's Aroma. They chose Moohii.com - their team developed the brand from 0. They were tormented by doubts - the price seemed to us overpriced for such services. As a result, we worked well together, and the guys were very creative. Designers offered an unusual vision of our product, which can be seen on the packaging. We were satisfied with the result, and the risks at the selection stages were justified.) The design is really beautiful. Especially “Orgasm” is worth it!

Vladislav Kirichenko Sunfill. Innovative Superfood for the whole family.

Initially, a quick connection, then a detailed brief, cool rebranding, and the design of the boxes is a separate love
Heard our every word, it is very important, especially in such work, when there is some kind of vision.
Thanks a lot!

Maxim Radul Belife

Moohii.com company worked on our turnkey project. They did a full reboot after several years with the old logo. The guys all the same made an emphasis on construction, which certainly increased the arrival of customers. Everything that you see with us: the site, logo, design, branding - their work. We were very pleased. Therefore, we are still communicating.


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