Previously, the logo was as a cliche, which did not need to be recruited in newspapers again, but now the "logo" has the following meaning for all of us. The most important thing in creating the right logo is maximum simplicity and accessibility in understanding. You don’t need fancy compositions, you don’t need to use a huge number of colors. Unfortunately, not all designers agree with this decision, so we can often see complex logos of large companies on the streets and pass by without remembering their names.

To succeed in your business, you must always know a little more than the others.

Several logos were created by Moohii agency, you can see them below.

The logo of the eclair "Co-honey"

The logo of the producer of organic nut snacks and bars "Arkmen"

The logo of brutal sandwich bar "Bruter"

The logo of the company-manufacturer of construction chemicals "RINO"