I’ll try to explain as much as it possible thin line between the product and the web designer.

Lately, product designers are gaining popularity faster than SMM-users.

You can see that a good half of designers are grabbing the biggest piece of the pie with the inscription of the product designer. So what is their special feature?

We will not talk about those who develop the design of a toaster, cupboard and other things, but we will talk about those who work directly on the web.

If to generalize, the product designer is a UI/UX designer. He works in Adobe products, Sketch, develops elements and interfaces, understands UX design, uses UX methods, thinks about the user and all that.

The product designer is often a staff member and works in a team on one project, for example, an application.

The concept of a web designer is more extensive and such a designer performs many tasks, works on several projects and performs urgent tasks. The web designer creates the design of online stores, landings, e-commerce and other. But often he’s a freelancer.

In conclusion, the web designer is freelancer more often and he performs different projects, and the product designer is concentrated on one product and is a full-time employee, where he is also a UI/UX designer.