Branding is a visualization of your brand, its’ values, and philosophy.

It could increase brand awareness and help to impress on your advantages at a glance. A recognizable logo, well-known character, and corporative colors will stand you out from the competitors on your market. Good branding has a direct impact on the success of your sales and profit.

The aim of the branding is to create intense and positive associations with your product or services with the help of the colors, forms, and symbols.

Branding involves such elements as:

  • naming;
  • logo;
  • corporate fonts and corporative colors with the detailed guidelines for the main
  • possible proper combinations of them for the best effect according to the designers'
  • idea;
  • patterns;
  • business card and corporate documents’ templates;
  • packaging design;
  • additional materials according to the cost sheet.

A positive effect created by an appropriate combination of a few elements that are picked individually will be forthcoming. While each specific element by itself won’t have the necessary effect or any effect at all.

As a rule young companies are picking something one. For example, they prefer to begin their branding with a logo and add any other elements (corporate fonts and colors, patterns, etc.) only in a while. Design-studio services may be too expensive for the young and developing brand with a low budget and lack of time. That’s why they employ freelancers. But when they start to create a new philosophy, ideas or foundations for the brand, they may face some problems.

Of course, you can hire the freelancer to make the whole branding, but for the most part, freelancers are specialized experts. That’s why most of them can offer you only some specific services, for example only font or pattern development and can’t help with brand identity and other brand elements. If you divide one projects between two different freelancers you could get not branding but a Frankenstein. No matter how good all those parts will be, they will hardly work together. The main golden rule of branding is that all of its’ elements should work together perfectly in different combinations.

And design studios are practicing a complex method of brandings development.

After making the analysis of the brand and the market design studio could help you to pick the complex of the branding elements, which suits you best.

But that’s not the only one benefit developing companies could get from collaboration with design-studios.

You will also:

  • Save your time and other resources
    Project-manager controls every working stage. There’s no need to spend time to find the common ground with the new executive of your project.  Project-manager will save your time because as you know- the time is money. As it was said earlier, design-studio can help you to give advice and focus your attention on the most important for your company things, and pick the most profitable elements of the branding.
  • Reputation
    A design studio that takes responsibility for each employer and had a magnificent financial investment will value its own reputation. Freelancer takes responsibility only for him- or herself, but the studio is taking care also for the workforce and its brand as a whole.
  • A distinct division of labor
    The design studio is a well-oiled machine and usually has a few professionals in different fields who can inform you about possible pitfalls and improve your future project on the initial stages of the development.
  • Assurance and confidence
    Company is a static unit. It relies on the loyal clients who will trust them all their following projects and possibly recommend studio’s services to their business partners.
  • Reliable longterm cooperation
    Design services will provide a full range of services including consultation and Post Development Maintenance & Support. They always stay in touch with their loyal clients.
    Usually, design studios are ready to offer some possible strategies for improvement.
    The design studio sees its vested interest in the improvement of the old projects and the development of the new ones for their clients. Your development means new cases and a good reputation for your design studio.
  • Resources
    As a rule, the company has a lot of communication channels. The design agency has the possibility its and motivation to help its clients and create new business communication channels. So if you are the young and developing company, you can get invaluable experience in making business as exemplified by your business partner. Because who knows how to help your business better than your business partner.
  • You share one language
    Design studio, as a company itself, knows the problems you can face with.   why they consider the risks, plan each development stage and build the process of cooperation.

Moohii design studio has made more than 60 successful projects for domestic and foreign companies in 3 years.

Our team of professionals will help your young or already successful brand to demonstrate itself as one of the most bright.