A commercial site is a web resource designed for promoting products and services of the company, and also to attract new customers and business partners.

Let`s figure out which sites exist in the modern world wide web:

  • Single-page landing made on the template engine. The advantage of this kind of sites is that they are practically free. That is the almost only advantage of it. Sites compiled on the template engine do not look prestigious. It cannot be customized to fit your needs and most commonly such a site is not trustworthy. The users subconsciously associate a free landing page with a one-day website.
  • Wow sites are bright, overfilled with animation and other effects sites. They are created to attract attention, often for some event, holiday or project.
    Wow sites cannot be called selling, however, you have to spend quite a lot of working hours on their development, so they are available to companies with a large budget.
  • Individual commercial site
    This site has several advantages:
    • The site is created for a specific request.
      Of course, you will have to figure out which site you need, for which target audience, etc., but it’s worth doing.
    • As a rule, a good development studio has a portfolio and experienced developers will be able to help you with making the right decision.
      The signing of the contract will resolve technical support issues, as well as the opportunity to make a redesign in the future or change the components of the site.
      The contract can also fix the number of hours needed to write the site.
      In general, the amount may not be small, but you should pay for a quality product, isn't it?

MOOHII design and development studio always meets the interests of customers. We have a phased development of the site and the ability to pay a fixed number of hours per month.

As an example of an individual commercial website, we present the project Ligaco, the official importer of lubricants from Eni Corporation.

Our task was to develop a corporate website where distributors can get comprehensive information on products imported and manufactured by the company. Any visitor can also find full information about available vacancies and see the dealer network map. The website should look modern and stylish, with quick and convenient navigation.

We’ve developed:

  • totally individual website design worked through all renders and made up the script for the animation on the main page.
  • the design for desktop, mobile and tablet versions and integrated all variants into the site administration system.
  • the ability to add sections of companies’ brands with the opportunity to pick individual colors and logo in the section.

As a result of our work, the interaction of visitors with the new site has improved and, as a result, the conversion of applications has increased.