When I was little I hadn't “Counter Strike” in the net in 6, I had not also “Warcraft” and a lot more beautiful games where I could kill, represent Rembo from me and watch how blood is flashing over the whole screen.

Everything that gave start is gathered in the website “Pika-Pik”. Here you can not only look throught all the gadgets of 80-ies, but also play them, get nervous, loose. It's bad that the website has no function “to throw in the window” if you see “Game over”. These on the first sight kind gamws are rather difficult and demand experience and fast reaction.

It's a pity that from variety of Japanese “Jumping monkeys” and “Prison escape” we had only Russian “Nu pogodi” (“Well, wait a minute”) and “a merry cook”. And what for do I need to catch eggsm earlier I didn't think about it, I was simply catching, was nervous when my foolish wolf was missing to do it. (I was not guilty in their falling).

Play to disturb and remember the past with smile.