The competition grows, the ratings fall, and the customer price reaches to the sky. What to do in this case? To whom to address? Exhale, we'll tell you everything.

Let’s go!

To reach the first page in the search engine and increase the brand recognition level, first of all, you need a unique website design. Without uniqueness, the site will not be quoted and will disappear on the back of the search engine.

Mobile version of the site is an important requirement for search engines when SEO-promotion. The site can have an adaptive version, the main thing is that Pagespeed Insights determines the presence of the correct display of web pages on smartphones. PageSpeed Insights puts points for the speed of loading web pages, and the URL is checked twice to check the availability of the mobile version. That is, the more points, the better, so do not miss the opportunity to get additional points and make an adaptive or mobile version of the online store. Also, don’t forget about optimizing CSS, JavaScript files, images and all HTML code - this optimizes the speed of loading the page and will increase the scores.

Low-frequency user requests can’t be overlooked, either. What is this? For example, a potential customer enters into the search engine not "buy sockets Ukraine", but "buy schneider electric unica in Ukraine". These queries differ in accuracy, and the niche of low-frequency requests is less loaded. To get to the first page of the browser with the help of such requests, correctly made product cards are required - they should be as informative as possible. If we consider the electric shop, then in the characteristics of the goods should be indicated all that is possible, namely: screw or non-screw terminals, product dimensions, grounding, stubs, etc. Of course, the text can be unique less often, because the characteristics of the product are the same and competitors have the same information, in this case, the name of the product should be inserted into the text more often. The uniqueness of the text plays an important role, and if you can write such a text, it will speed up the exit of your site to the top.

Availability of additional information (documents, pictures, technical documentation, etc.). Technical documentation should be hidden from indexing, but the very presence and name of files that a client can download are extremely important.

Unique pictures on the site - it's great! But they are rare, because goods are goods, they are the same. Therefore, many companies sell images in good quality. And to protect against the theft of purchased images of goods, you can put a watermark on them. *Watermark in the picture doesn’t give uniqueness*

Of course, the watermark can be removed, but it will take a long time for the person who stole it before adding it to the site. Sometimes lazy and do not remove the watermark from the image, in this case it is even into the hands of the owner of the picture - the name of the site is visible and the client passes to it.

Competent relinking. This means not just a link to a page, but a combination of links that link pages to a site. That is, on an important page for a certain key (high-frequency) queries, there were links from several places.

Buying links. Previously, there was a tendency to buy a lot of links from different sites, because they focused on the number. Now in the first place is the theme of the site, from which they refer to your resource. For example, you have a culinary site and you should purchase link placement from cooking websites, grocery stores, etc.

SEO texts can not be overloaded with keys, write logically structured text.

It is extremely important to have CNC filters (a human-friendly URL). That is, the URL path must consist of understandable words.

Blog. If you can write useful articles on frequent requests, then it will be in your hands, for example, how to pick up an electrician in the house. The article should also contain SEO-keys and links to products of the site.

And most importantly - the search engines have become smarter, they look at the site through the eyes of the user and pay attention primarily to its convenience.