We decided to experiment with the packaging of a product familiar to everyone — Fairy. It is important to be stylish, even in the mass market. Such packaging will easily stand out on the shelf, and the price can pleasantly surprise.

Moreover, the customer can buy cheap spare parts of the same brand, and continue to enjoy his beautiful kitchen.

Taking care of the environment is especially appreciated now. Like many other brands, Fairy could use less harmful to the nature plastic. And our packaging already shows environmental friendliness.

Let’s take a closer look:
The first thing we see — is color, delicate shades. Looking at them, the client will never think about chemistry or harm to health, nature.

Then the textures — wood and natural stones. A piece of nature right in your kitchen. This effect will be especially cool if make it tactile.

And finally — the meanings, that should be conveyed in everything: from the inscriptions on the packaging, to the advertising. Reading the packaging, the buyer confirms his guesses about environmental friendliness, and satisfied with the duty done to nature goes to the checkout.

We make cool package-design and that's why we were added here: designrush.com/agency/package-design