The website is devoted to discussing problems of the future of our planet that are studied in the world UNO summits. It allows to any desirous (registered in Twitter) to add his voice to the global discussion. The project functions in real time and combines twits with certain tags (#RIO20 #COP17 – as the summits are named appropriately) for their themes sorting. But the main advantage is undoubtedly visual presentation of the discussion in the view of Earth ecosphere consisting from futuristic trees.

The visitor can choose an interesting theme for him and in arbitrary order to be acquainted with opinion of other people. All the themes are presented in view of separate “plants” and their growth is stimulated by addition of new twits, as a result appears the illusion of ecosphere growth. 

Nowadays the project reflects the ecosphere of summit “Rio Earth Summit 2012”, which main theme was stable development that had to combine the economics development with environment protection. We should hope that the project won't be given up, will get further support and will go on with surveying discussions held around future summits.