Growing popularity of 3D printers like Printbot and Makerbot Thing-O-Matic means that innovation is going to mainstream step by step.

Devices are too small to be placed on the table nowadays and they can create different things like toys, chess figures or reserve doorhandles. But what, if you want to produce anything little bigger, for example, a house? - In such way you should address Enrico Dini, monolith UK founder and D-Shape - “robotized construction system” inventor.

D-shape is potentially able to “print” a one-storied building – in complex with stairs, divisions, columns, domes and pipe holes – by using only usual sand and inorganic bind material. Gotten material practically differs from marble and has the same physical properties and also higher durability than stone or ferroconcrete.

The process of construction is quite near to the fact that we expect from a huge 3D printer. The nozzle moves on a programmed direction squeezing a liquid glue on a portion of sand with firm catalyst after that a chemical reaction takes place and then starts the process of solidification. At the same time the remained sand serves for supporting the structure. Then one else slayer of sand is added and all the process starts again. For using the printer one doesn't need to have some special knowledge, it is enough only to be able to use the computer.

Desirable structure is realized only in one working stage - upward. The process of solidification takes 24 hours, after all that next slayers of 5-10 mm thickness can be added immediately. Annual capacity of production of the existing model D-Shape is valued in 2500 square meters (26910 sq. m) that is equal to 11-storied building. It is informed that the process of construction takes a quarter of time necessary for equivalent structure construction if to build in traditional way.