10 specialists were involved in the project we worked on from December 2019 to April 2020.

The client has already worked with us on other projects, so he was confident that his project will be in safe hands. So in the beginning there was only the idea of creating a new brand of building materials marketplace on the Ukrainian market.


First of all, we conducted a market analysis and research. Then developed naming, branding and created a mascot of the company — a turtle.

Bildi's mascot is a turtle. Our team used this image in the corporate identity and supplemented it with symbolism. The logo resembles the smile, the silhouette of the house and the gentle, caring sun above it. 

Due to their thickness and a simple style, the corporate elements can easily be applied to any surface: from the favicon to billboards. Nonetheless, they will remain recognizable and readable.

We have also developed a turnkey website for Bildi.


Our team was involved in all stages of the creation of the Bildi marketplace, which has successfully entered and works in the Ukrainian market of building materials.

Nice and easy-to-read Bildi naming, recognizable branding and a user-friendly website are the main results of our work.

In the first months of its entry into the market, Bildi has established itself as a quality reseller of building materials and still replenishes its ranks with fans.

We developed a great project, so we were nominated for The Best logo design by DesignRush.