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Our cases


The Concept of the application from ARKMEN company.
  • Task

    Show how the interface can adjust to a specific product of ARKMEN.

  • Realization

    The interface can highlight an identity of each product of a specific unit, demonstrate its advantages and characteristics. With the example of different Arkmen packages, we showed how the interface can adapt to a product.

Qpot Smart kettle

  • Task

    Develop conceptual applications that could improve the product.

  • Realizaton

    We developed an application through which you can remotely control a smart kettle, set the time by which to boil water (time saving), indicate which drink you prefer, etc. The design itself is without unnecessary details. Everything is for convenient use of this application.

Sauses & wines

  • Task

    Develop an application for wine lovers who are always in search of good taste combinations.

  • Realizaton

    Our team thought out a convenient interface for Sauses wines, where everyone can easily choose the perfect dish for a glass of their favorite wine. We also developed the ability to view a step-by-step recipe for the selected option.


  • OSB Best mobile application is designed for communication of co-owners of an apartment building.A convenient chat interface makes it easy to communicate for OSMD members.Moreover, if you are a member of more than one association, the application allows you to be in different chats and switch between them.We have developed a native application design for iOS and Android and created 56 different screen layouts.Unfortunately, the mobile application OSBBest was never launched.

Belor Design

  • Task

    Show how the Belarusian cosmetic internet-shop Belor Design  can look like.

  • Realization

    As the main audience of this portal are girls, on the main page we created a feeling of being in a cosmetic boutique where a girl can look at all products and "touch" them.


A network of gas stations in Ukraine that came to us with ready-made branding.
  • Task

    The client wanted to create an application from scratch for iOS and Android for the resale of fuel: the customer buys a fuel card for any proposed volume and refuels from 2 liters, the surplus is returned to the balance.

  • Realization

    The application was the first for the customer, so it was especially important for our team to help understand complex processes and simplify the path as much as possible. In the design, we have preserved the recognizability of the company's style without overloading the display with elements.

  • Result

    The main indicator of success is satisfied users. Already in the first week without advertising, 500 users registered in the app, and there were even more downloads.

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Anna Zavertailo Honey. Cafe-Confectionery.

Since the birth of our "Honey" we have been cooperating with Then there was only an idea and an image that the guys brought to life. From the well-known logo to the design of limited eclairs, about 5 tasks have been completed in 5 years of collaboration. We are very happy about the easy work process, because we understand each other perfectly at all times. We are confident in the guys and convinced of the quality of the services provided.

Alexey Parkhomenko Arkmen. Best nut snacks!

AS PERFECT AS POSSIBLE - we set this goal when creating our product. Of course, the whole team understood that the slogan was not only about nuts. Therefore, we made a big emphasis on details when developing branding with The guys proposed three concepts, and we already sat and sorted into shelves which one would be with us next. It was certainly not easy! We took into account the colors that we would like to bring to customers, what associations our product evokes, tried different options .. Since then 3 years have passed, and we have been cooperating to this day.

Julia and Darina Sister's Aroma

We have been thinking about choosing a design studio for our project for a very long time. Sister's Aroma. They chose - their team developed the brand from 0. They were tormented by doubts - the price seemed to us overpriced for such services. As a result, we worked well together, and the guys were very creative. Designers offered an unusual vision of our product, which can be seen on the packaging. We were satisfied with the result, and the risks at the selection stages were justified.) The design is really beautiful. Especially “Orgasm” is worth it!

Vladislav Kirichenko Sunfill. Innovative Superfood for the whole family.

Initially, a quick connection, then a detailed brief, cool rebranding, and the design of the boxes is a separate love
Heard our every word, it is very important, especially in such work, when there is some kind of vision.
Thanks a lot!

Maxim Radul Belife company worked on our turnkey project. They did a full reboot after several years with the old logo. The guys all the same made an emphasis on construction, which certainly increased the arrival of customers. Everything that you see with us: the site, logo, design, branding - their work. We were very pleased. Therefore, we are still communicating.


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